How to Get OSHA Certified Online

When the average person thinks of the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA), they tend to think of the medical or dental professions. What they fail to realize is that safety is a priority in any industry and many companies have a plan in place as well.

What does the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration Do

This organization consists of industry professionals who set the standards of safe practices to keep employees and consumers safe during the normal course of business. For example, hospitals require that staff wear gloves and masks to prevent the spread of germs or infectious viruses.

On construction sites, workers may be required to wear helmets to protect them from falling objects. This knowledge not only increases awareness of the hazards at the workplace but also reduces the likelihood that an accident will happen.

One of the main benefits of having a staff that is OSHA certified is that they learn to spot an issue before it becomes a problem. It also shows them how to properly document such cases so that training can be updated in accordance with safety policies.

It is not uncommon for professionals to receive OSHA instruction during regular coursework. However, all states offer OSHA certification online classes for those who wish to obtain new certification or simply remain in compliance with company policies.

Where to Receive OSHA Certification

There are a few strategies companies have implemented to ensure its employees remain aware of OSHA practices and certified as necessary. One of the main ways is to institute a training class. Typically, this is organized by the companies HR department.

Many companies are choosing to organize this into either classroom or to have staff complete OSHA certification online. While both the 10 and 30-hour classes are available online, there is a wide difference in what each program covers.

For example, the receptionist may only be required to take OSHA 10 to enable them to use Material Safety Data Sheets accurately or spot potential hazards. While the maintenance crew in the same building would need OSHA 30, as they work with hazardous chemicals or even the disposal of dangerous materials.

However, there are many other online courses that are offered. Forklift PIT and Overhead Crane Operators also have an OSHA class. And again, while everyone on a particular job site may need training all workers will not need the same type of training. Adversely, there are quite a few classes that everyone will take, such as Fall Protection or CPR.

Quite a few construction work sites like to advertise that they are a safe environment to work by posting large signs displaying how many accident-free days. These companies are actively displaying that they have preventive measures in place and that everyone is mindful of the safety standards. This is probably one of the easiest cost-saving measures a company can have and very often overlooked.


A staff that is knowledgeable of how to identify and control a hazard, is a staff that saves the company money in the long run. Something as simple as a hard helmet on a construction site can be all that lies between the person in it and a concussion. Even items such as trash cans with the red liner in hospitals serve a purpose. They tell trained staff, that that particular trash can is for what is considered a biohazard.

A properly trained staff will not only know how to spot a hazard but can remove them as well. Even OSHA certification online classes can be configured to meet the needs of any business.

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